First NHL Game!

First NHL Game!

First NHL Game!

My First NHL Game

I attented my first NHL hockey game sunday night March 17th/2012. The overall experience was enlightning and enjoyable.

The game was hosted in Ottawa Canada as it was a home game for the Ottawa Senators and they were playing the Winnipeg Jets. The first thing i noticed when we arrived was how crazy the parking situation was. There was so many people trying to get into the parking lot all at once that we needed to wait almost half an hour before we finally were parked. After we were parked me and my friends headed into the stadium and waited even longer until we finally got our seats. After getting to our seats a few of us tried to find a washroom, after walking around for 5 minutes in the massive arena we finally managed to find a washroom on the 2nd floor.

Personally I am not a huge fan of hockey but decided to go with my friends for the experience and entertainment. After the first period I will admit that I was a tiny bit bored but the game picked up in the 2nd and 3rd period. One thing I noticed was how engaging and into the game the crowd was and how many different prizes and mini things that they did at intermissions and in between down times during the game. This definately made the experience more enjoyable and by the time the game was over I was actually happy that I went and all the waiting around was worth it. The Ottawa Senators won a victory over the Winnipeg Jets 4-1.

Closer to the end of the game I noticed many people were getting up and leaving before the game was over. I just assumed that people did not want to wait in the parking lot to leave but assumed that it would not be that bad. I was mistaken. After the game we waited for at least a half hour to get out of the parking lot. There was crazy drivers constantly etching there way out and we almost getting hit multiple times but eventually managed to get onto the road to leave the arena

I have gone to local hockey games before but they do compare to an NHL game. The players were much more skilled than I have previously seen. There were no fights in this game however many after whistle scraps were entertaining and watching the Goalie get plowed into his own net by the opposing team was fun to watch.

I noticed that in the crowd there were many smaller children and families. Many people had painted faces and Ottawa Senators Jerseys and people were constantly chanting “GO SENS GO” throughout the game. There was a multidude of drunk people as well at the game as they were selling the most expensive beer I have seen in my life. The crowd being so engaged in the game was exciting as you could feel the enegry and excitment when the Sens scored a goal.

Overall the experience was fun but not something that I would spend money on to go out of my way as I am not a huge hockey fan. The ticket was only 25 dollars and included a drink and a hot dog which I consider a fair price for an NHL game. It is something that I would go to every once in a while but not every night or every week.

Highlights from the game can be viewed at the following link:


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